Interview with Gábor KADAS, CEO of ALTAGRAND

Interview with Gábor KADAS, CEO of ALTAGRAND

How did you find us?

When I started putting together the vision for the Grand Balaton residential park development in Balatonakarattya, we conducted preliminary market research. We looked into international and domestic real estate projects, their concepts, sales strategies, and digital solutions, and that’s when I came across your company. Since the residential park was planned to provide hotel-level services to future property owners, we aimed to offer high-quality digital services right from the start of the sales process.

Why did you choose our company to showcase your real estate development?

From the beginning, it was part of our sales strategy to reach potential buyers online, as our target audience lives in large cities while the development is located in Balatonakarattya, which is just 40 minutes away from Budapest. Understanding that our target audience has limited free time, it was important to us to present everything online, making it accessible regardless of location and time.

After analyzing several domestic and international examples, I found Beyond Visual’s solutions with international references to be the most informative for potential buyers. This was particularly crucial because the Grand Balaton residential park is not a conventional square-based project; it’s a unique complex spread over two and a half hectares with distinct topographic features, requiring a non-traditional approach to visual representation.

What has been your experience with our services so far? How do you assess our first collaboration?

The workflow was proactive and smooth. You always kept in mind what we needed and worked towards providing quick and straightforward solutions.

What features/solutions do you consider essential on the website to help buyers make faster and more confident decisions?

The ability to see what is challenging to visualize in flat plans or two dimensions becomes instantly clear with the 360-degree, 3D digitally constructed buildings. Prospective buyers can position their future homes on the site and within the buildings, making it visually understandable.

How does our service assist interested parties in making quicker and more confident choices regarding the apartments?

Anyone can quickly grasp and understand the location of the site and buildings. Even though we are not directly on the waterfront, the 3-minute walk from the future homes to Lake Balaton is evident with the 3D model rotation. It also shows how the Grand Balaton residential park fits into the texture of Balatonakarattya, with essential infrastructural points marked on the panoramic image, indicating nearby beaches, cafes, restaurants, sports facilities, or marinas.

How does our solution support your work and sales representatives?

It is the foundation of our sales process. Thanks to Beyond Visual’s work, we don’t need to spend a lot of time discussing small details, and it elevates the conversation from the very beginning, saving time for our customers and making the apartment selection process much more comfortable.

What feedback have you received from interested parties regarding our solution?

Clear, visually striking, easy to understand, and informative.

Do you have any specific examples or customer feedback that was particularly positive or negative that you could share with us?

There haven’t been any negative feedback so far, and we see this as a positive aspect. In Hungary, critical remarks tend to surface more quickly than compliments. We haven’t received any critical remarks yet, so we consider this a positive sign.

Would you recommend our solutions to others?

Definitely, yes!

You can view Beyond Visual’s work on the Grand Balaton residential park here: