Brand and Sell your Real Estates with 3D PropTech Visualisation

Brand and Sell your Real Estates with 3D PropTech Visualisation

We’re on the brink of a technological revolution; essentially reshaping the ways we live and approach new business models. From artificial intelligence through blockchain to virtual reality – almost all data-driven disruptive technologies have three exciting promises for the companies leveraging them: better conversions, streamlined operations and progressive user experience.

The real estate sector is no exception. In fact, PropTech hasn’t been around for 2 years but it’s rapidly becoming a global phenomenon – building up tension and new aspirations in the real estate scene – and with good reasons. For one thing, industry professionals claim that in the near future only properly digitalized, easy-to-use and interactive properties will sell efficiently.

With the current challenges of the real estate market, a statement like that can hardly be surprising, nor neglected. If a ‘picture says a thousand words’, then a realistic property tour can say millions. Or even more? Immersive experiences – such as online property visualisation, 3D flat walkthroughs or VR showroom solutions – can pave the way for more innovative marketing and a more dynamic sales cycle: offering immense benefits for developers, realtors and buyers alike.

Selling the Unbuilt

Today, if a property developer wants to get into virtual reality, it’s a meticulous and labour-intensive process. Nevertheless, VR’s potential for the market is beyond dispute. It’s well-known that property viewing hours can easily add up to that of full-time jobs, not to mention that each sales agent requires considerable training time before handling clients or managing databases.

With VR and 3D real estate sales solutions, potential buyers and investors can walk through and interact with their soon-to-be-built premises, learn more about key features of each location and get the unique feeling of already being there. Moreover, being seen to be using and serving the market with a real-time, highly customizable and state-of-the-art media solution can easily give you a competitive edge in terms of your lead conversion and increase your initial selling price for square meters – by enabling quicker, risk-free and well-informed decision-making at an early evaluation and purchasing stage.

Build Your Marketing Success

With ever-increasing ways of shopping and selling real estate online, technology and creativity become more and more important for marketers. The endless advantages of multiplatform property configuration can not only be recognized in more convincing project presentations, easy-to-communicate positioning and greater brand experience – but a timely and technical resilience to changes made throughout the concept phase, construction and sales processes.

Another aspect of 3D property technology is that it’s capable of providing measurable statistics and invaluable metrics of the customer journey and subsequent purchasing decisions, all required to better adjust budgets and deadlines, reveal the effectiveness of marketing through ROI optimization and performance tracking, to avoid data incongruence – and help developers to sell properties and projects at the best price possible.

A few questions remain unanswered. Why does it take months to buy a property? When will we be able to review, buy and sell real estates entirely online? What timeframe are we looking at when we discuss the idea of designing, comparing and assessing the value of our future homes in real-time on the platform of our preference. These questions are at the root of 3D PropTech visualisation and we’ll definitely find an answer to them in the coming years.

We’ll Take You Home

Almost 9 out of 10 people are ‘visual’ types. At Beyond Visual, we bring nuanced design concepts and unique architectural experiences to life at the earliest development stage possible – to help you better imagine how your future premises will look and feel like – and to reassure you about the purchasing decision you’re about to make.

Everything you see when using our Interactive Sales Engine solution is built on our solid software expertise and intuitive VR tools; which will enable you to experience textures and materials in the most virtually authentic way, conveying a real sense of spatial presence and the ability to focus on your own creative intuitions – but most of all: to make you feel at home right away before you’ve bought the actual property.

The best part of it is that you don’t need to be adapt with this technology as we can take on projects in-house and make sure that all concept changes in the architectural, marketing and sales phases are addressed proactively and stay consistent throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Our cutting-edge solutions will provide you with a recognizable architectural branding and easy-to-communicate positioning – giving you a competitive edge when it comes to your client experience, exhibition performance and stakeholder reviews – as well as a measurable tool for marketing that will help you to better support your sales department and meet deadlines. 

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