The Next Big Boom in Online Property Sales Systems

The Next Big Boom in Online Property Sales Systems

The way of finding new homes has changed tremendously since the mobile and digital boom at the end of the ’90s. Rather than kick-starting their search with an estate agent, the vast majority now begins the process online. Not only has the customer journey become totally different but so has the information available and the way it is presented. 

Check out our summary about the evolution of online sales of unbuilt property over the last two decades.

Listing and Floor Plan Viewer

The first tool introduced to browse apartments online was listings, which is still the most widely used tool. It is a good way to get started: it provides for a quick check on what’s available and presents a reasonable amount of information at a glance. Numeric data can be compared easily, such as the size or the price of the property. However, listings are not visually satisfying. The rendered still images of the development and the 2D floor plans are sufficient to get a picture of the layout of the apartments. Clients are left with many questions, which eventually prolongs sales visits. Listings do not tell inquirers how apartments are oriented within the area and what the view is like from the balcony, just to mention a few remaining questions.

2D Floor Plan Selector

The next step was the introduction of 2D floor plan selectors. Basically, the floor plan works as an interface where individual apartments can be selected directly by clicking on them within the plan. Like this, orientation is not a question anymore. Nevertheless, this solution still doesn’t provide the spatial presentation of the apartments.

3D Visual Selector

So came the first 3D selectors using the architectural rendering of the unbuilt property as a spatial selector. The solution is pretty simple, there’s an overlay on the still image which lets visitors select apartments by clicking on them. Instead of a 2D floor plan, apartments are indicated on a nice rendered image of the building which is visually more satisfying. This obviously gives a feel about the space, yet it doesn’t allow visitors to rotate the building and see it from different angles. The picture clients create about the estate is still much dependant on their imagination, which could lead to disappointment.

Real-time 3D Search Engine

With the customers’ needs in mind, Beyond Visual has created the next generation of online sales systems beyond imagination, without any limitation. Interactive Sales Engine allows the real-time search and filtering in an interactive 3D space. This means that the 3D model of the development can be fully rotated sideways and vertically, allowing visitors a virtual tour around the property – no need to visit the location in person. Due to database integration, unit search and filtering are made quick and hassle-free, both accessible within the same 3D view. Clients can easily visualise themselves living in their new home and enjoy the future view from their balcony. Ultimately, this experience instils confidence in clients and helps them significantly in their decision-making process concerning the real estate purchase.


Today’s home buyers are more informed than ever. Essentially, we do not only have to be aware of what they need to know but also, and even more importantly, of how they need to feel when making the decision of buying their new home. Giving home buyers satisfactory visual content and interactive tools create an emotional bond with the home they’re looking at. 

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